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Madhudravyam @ Kasbaa

Madhudravyam @ Kasbaa


Kasbaa | Best Organic Honey | Buy Honey Online | Madhudravyam

Kasbaa Brings You 100% Pure, Raw & Organic Honey Online! Buy From A Range Of Flavored & Pure Honey - Multifloral, Sunflower, Acacia & Many More!

MadhuDravyam offers a diverse range of natural floral honey, free of invert sugar, high fructose corn syrup or rice syrup; with no adulteration whatsoever.

To standardize taste, texture and flavor, all the beneficial properties of your honey are lost with ultra filtration and heating. But honey is not supposed to be one tone, one taste.

Natural honey has different taste, flavors and benefits depending on the location of harvest and the nectar source.

In order to bring our customer only the purest and healthiest honey we migrate our bees to specific locations all over India. Our cruelty free harvesting harms no honey bees or their hives.



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