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Kasbaa - delivering indigenous products and their unique stories to your doorstep

The word Kasbaa refers to the core of a town. A place where the heart of a town belongs. We connect you to that heart of native India.

What is Kasbaa?

Kasbaa is your own online store bringing traditional, authentic, quality-tested, homemade and handmade products directly from our villages to your doorstep.

Why Kasbaa?

Kasbaa is a group of people working towards the growth & empowerment of women from our villages, providing them with employment, a source of income & sustained earning whilst bringing their indigenous products to the urban consumer. Women in small villages are skilled to produce a wide range of products. Through Kasbaa, we aim at creating a marketplace for those indigenous, genuine and traditional products brought together from different regions.

Pure, Natural & Organic Food Products : Our food products are hygenic, quality-tested and safe with no added preservatives or chemicals. Kasbaa assures the authenticity of homegrown & homemade nature-based food products. These Products are made using traditional skills. This not only includes traditional recipes but methods too that help preserve the nutritional values of ingredients making them a healthy alternate to mass manufactured processed foods. We proudly say that we will walk you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Traditional Handmade Artistry : Kasbaa also brings you Indian art through hand-printed textiles, handloom products and handcrafted jewellery and pottery.  The individuality of these arts is their craftsmanship. Furthermore, they represent Indian culture & history.

Self Reliance & Women Empowerment : We believe in a self-reliant India and to achieve it, the self-reliance of rural women is necessary . Kasbaa works closely with rural women all over India by providing various inputs including skill building, quality control and production coordination. We strive to nurture and promote their skill set to become independent and confident.



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