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Kasbaa was founded with the aim of bridging two needs of rural and urban India. Women from rural India have always looked for opportunities to contribute to their family income, utilize their unique skills, be it culinary or others, have a medium to express and be recognized.

Today in urban families, while shopping has become easy, access to genuinely traditional food and other handmade products showcasing native cultures and traditions has been limited.

This brings the opportunity to bridge the immense gap between these rural women entrepreneurs and the urban consumer. And this gave birth to the concept of Kasbaa.

Kasbaa is not only providing a source of income and independence to rural women but is an ecommerce platform where they can showcase/sell traditional products they are specialized in. Kasbaa is bringing those quality-tested, traditional and genuine products directly from the villages to the urban consumer.


Kasbaa is a group of people with different backgrounds and skill sets brought together with a single aim of being able to contribute positively to society. They are a team of entrepreneurs working and striving towards the growth & empowerment of women from our villages, providing them with a technology-enabled platform to take their genuine, quality-tested and traditional products to the urban consumer.

Kasbaa ensures the authenticity and quality of all products sold. All these products are made using traditional skills and methods by skilled women entrepreneurs. We take immense pride as we say that we will walk you towards a healthier lifestyle.

Kasbaa promotes Indian art be it handloom/pottery or other handcrafted products, retaining their individuality. Furthermore, these products represent Indian culture & history enabling the revival and growth of our ancient Indian art forms and skills.


Kasbaa is on a mission of empowering rural women entrepreneurs, their families and especially the girl child by providing them an opportunity for income generation ensuring an opportunity for change to the families. It will promote Indian tradition be it recipes or artforms and provide an opportunity to the new generations of Indians to relish the same.


Kasbaa has a vision to be India's largest contributor in building a happy and prosperous rural India. It aims to do so by supporting the skill development programs of the State and Central Governments. It will provide income generating opportunities for over 1 Lakh women in rural India enabling happier families and a better standard of living.


Mrs. Sunita Singh, our founder and director, strongly believes in leading by example. A Fine Arts graduate with a keen eye for detail, Sunita is a patron of indigenous Indian culture. She is also an active member of the Akhil Bhartiya Kisan Kalyan Sewa Samiti. For the past few years, she has been helping women from rural India, nurturing their talent and generating opportunities for them to sell their products in the urban market.

Finally in the year 2021, Kasbaa was born, with a mission of encouraging women empowerment, thereby providing them with a source of permanent employment & sustained earning whilst bringing products aimed towards a healthier lifestyle.

A fashion entrepreneur and our director Somya Pundhir is driven by India’s uniquely rich crafts heritage. Creating environments to help people in their own journey, Somya advocates compassionate living. With the objective of helping craftspeople regain their place in the economic mainstream, Somya launched æster, a brand that revolves around artisans and not around trends or seasons. Also having worked very closely with SEVA Chikan, Somya has penned down her encounter with the traditional art of Chikankari, in her book ‘From the United Provinces of Agra and Awadh’ which is soon to publish. Somya became a part of Kasbaa, with the sole aim of providing sustained livelihood opportunities to rural women, thereafter resulting in positive socio-economic impact.


One of the things we are immensely proud of is the team we built, continue to build and the common vision that we share. It took us a significant amount of time as we searched for partners while some joined us on our journey via sheer serendipity.

Ravi Mukundan

Business Operations

Niharika Chaturvedi

Consumer Marketing

Saket Jagtap

Consultant & Partner

Bhartee Jadoun


Pratima Waghmare

Creative Designing

Shyam Sunder


Shevya Singh


Pooja Sikarwar


Sonam Kashyap

Kasbaa Women Entrepreneurs



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