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Substitute sugar with friendlier choices

Posted on December 13th, 2022 02:07 PM
Substiture sugar with friendlier choices

We cannot miss out on sweets festivals or no festivals. They are an integral part of our culture. With the New Year and Christmas around the corner, delectable cuisine, sweets, and of course, the loved ones in our lives will take priority and health will take a backseat. We also overlook the potential adverse effects that a few additional sugary calories could have on us. In recent years, diabetes and other sugar-related disorders have become quite prevalent.

So, let us help you with tips on using a healthy substitute for sugar at festivals.

Substitute Jaggery for Sugar: Indian Households are known for making sweets and other snacks at home during festivals. So Jaggery can be used in place of white sugar. Jaggery is the most affordable natural sweetener, and it enhances the flavour of your food while lowering the number of calories you consume.

Pick Fruits rather than calorie-dense sweets: Opting for fruits over sweets are always the best option. Adding fruits to the dishes makes you choose a less sugary, guilt-free, and healthy meal. Fruit salad, fruit pudding with some dressing of honey from the wide variety of Madhuravyam @ Kasba, or simply having Kasba’s Desi Paper - Amla, Desi Paper - Jamun, Desi Paper - Grapes, and Desi Paper - Mango are the best ways to reduce your sugar intake.

Instead of premade drinks, use freshly made fibre-rich natural juices: Drinks are also an essential part of festive feasts. Instead of consuming packaged soda, soft drinks, and other beverages, try to make fresh juices at home.

Have Jaggery Laddo instead of Boondi Laddo: Just like jalebi and Gulabjamun, Boondi Ladoos are also fried and soaked in sugar syrup, making them high in calories and sugar. Jaggery laddoos made with some roasted nuts could be the best option to replace Boondi laddoo. They are easy to make and super healthy to give you the needed energy for a busy day.

Roasted Chikkis instead of deep-fried sweets like Gujiya and Jalebi: Sweets like Jalebis and Gujiya contain a lot of sugar and oil. Substituting them with roasted Chikkis can be a good idea! Sesame or peanuts are combined with Jaggery, which tastes delicious and is completely safe, to make chikki.

Substitute healthier Barfis for the Kaju Barfis: Everybody loves Kaju barfi. However, it significantly increases the caloric content of your diet. A Date barfi, Anjeer barfi, or any other fruit barfi would be worth a try Instead of it.

Opt for Rasgulla rather than Gulab Jamun: Gulab Jamuns are fried and stuffed with sugar. Rasgullas are healthier than gulab jamuns in terms of their effect on the body. Your sweet craving will be satisfied by these non-fried treats. You can also soak your rasgullas in jaggery syrup if you want them to be healthier.

No doubt, Festivals should always be enjoyed with vigour and emotion. However, it is also advisable to check your sugary diet during festivals, and we hope the tips above will help you enjoy a happy and healthy festive season.



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