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Reviving traditional food recipes

Posted on June 28th, 2022 10:59 AM
Reviving traditional food recipes

Remember your childhood comfort food, that food which always made you feel good. That taste which always made us crave for more. Those mouthwatering traditional recipes that now are nowhere to be found. Do you miss those traditional, mouthwatering recipes? If yes, we have good news for you.
So, what if we tell you that we at Kasbaa are striving to revive the traditional food recipes, the recipes, the usage of certain food components and cooking methods which have been passed down through the generations. We know that these traditional recipes were not only part of our traditions as families but also our childhood memories.
Those deliciously exquisite pickles whose recipes were followed by our Nanis and Dadis, we are trying to bring you those and many other such traditional, genuine, indigenous recipes from our villages to your doorstep.
Our recipes will take you on a nostalgic trip to your childhood home in your village.
Why are we doing, what we are doing?
What was the point of reviving the traditional recipes which are on the verge of getting lost amidst our fast urban lives running at uncomfortable speeds?
It’s because, our traditions, our memories, our times together with our families are what that connects us with our roots. These things are very much required, specially in an urban family. It is what that will help our next generations to connect with our previous generations. It is what that will help us to stay in moments and relish our amazing memories of our festivals, beautiful memories and our times together with our extended families.
And that is why, it’s the least that we can do is to bring you the taste of the recipes which were created by your grandmother, and help you relish those nostalgic recipes, and live those past beautiful memories in the comforts of your home.
What are the traditional recipes?
For thousands of years, traditional foods have played an important part in the traditions of many nations and regions, including meals that have been enjoyed locally and regionally for a long time. Traditional food has distinct features or traits that set it apart from other similar items in the same category, such as the use of "traditional specific components".  
Why are we losing our traditional food recipes?
Traditional meals and recipes have been changed by a variety of influences over time. The availability of raw ingredients is one of these aspects; traditional food is thus impacted by farming habits and geography. Also, the movement of our majority people to urban India, lack of time in urban families has all affected availability of our traditional food recipes.
What's the significance of traditional foods?
Traditional foods, by their very nature, provide the highest amounts of nutrition accessible since they are cultivated or prepared using sustainable techniques that boost nutrient composition and without pesticides or additional potentially toxic substances that are known to decrease nutritional value.
The body needs nutrients from actual food to develop wellbeing. Allergies, asthma, gastrointestinal and cardiovascular problems, obesity, and auto-immune illnesses such as lupus, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, and sometimes even diabetes may all be avoided by eating traditional foods. 
Processed and standard meals have a unique flavor character from traditional, unprocessed foods. Traditional cuisines are rich in flavor, texture, and aroma.
Eating traditional meals helps sustain smaller, family-run farms and food producers. When you consume traditional dishes, you are also fighting climate change by supporting sustainable food production practices with your purchases.
What are the consequences of eating a high processed food diet?
Overall changes in the food habits of urban families have started this new trend of families having processed food diet. And that is leading to emergence of numerous illnesses and ailments in societies that had begun to eat packaged foods. Not only it has been linked to a variety of serious health problems, it is also leading towards deterioration of immune system. 
And that is why, it is so important to revive not only our traditional food recipes which have been known to be healthier options, we also need to develop the traditional food habits in the next generations.
And at Kasbaa, we strive and aim to bring you these traditional and healthy food recipes so you can not only relish your childhood memories but also lead yourself and your families towards healthier life.



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