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Pursuit of Happiness - Story behind Kasbaa

Posted on July 25th, 2022 01:50 PM
Pursuit of Happiness - Story behind Kasbaa

People invariably look for “Happiness” when they judge the overall quality of their life. As Daniel Kahneman, the Nobel Prize winner for Economics, suggests, happiness is a subjective issue but it is measurable through quantitative instruments.

Recently, a pilot study was conducted under the SVEP Scheme of NRLM, MoRD, Government of India, to assess the happiness quotient, indicating that subjective factors that drive happiness are autonomy, personal growth, self-acceptance, and purpose in life, authenticity, relatedness, competence, and mastery.

Kasbaa is a group of women entrepreneurs working and helping each other in the pursuit of happiness.

We as a country are aware that villages are the core of our nation and rural women’s entrepreneurship can make a particularly strong contribution to the socio-economic well-being of their families and communities, thus contributing to the Nation’s development goals.

We at Kasbaa aim towards creating new economic opportunities for women in the rural areas of the country, not only boosting their economic status but also transforming and empowering them.

How is Kasbaa empowering women?

Kasbaa works with rural women paving way for authentic, traditional and homemade food items & several other products to reach the modern urban markets.

To simplify, Kasbaa is an eCommerce platform where rural women can showcase/sell traditional products they are specialized in. Kasbaa is bringing those quality-tested, traditional and genuine products directly from the villages to the urban consumer. Kasbaa is not only a platform for rural women to showcase their talent but is providing a source of income and independence to these rural women.  

Kasbaa women ensure the authenticity of homegrown & homemade nature-based food products. These products are made using traditional skills. This not only includes the traditional recipes but the methods too, in order to preserve the nutritional values. We take immense pride as we say that we will walk you towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Kasbaa will also bring you Indian art through handloom & pottery. Handcraft is the individuality of these arts. Furthermore, these arts represent Indian culture & history. We at Kasbaa, strive towards revival of this ancient Indian artistry.

This is just the beginning and we still have to way to go in our pursuit of happiness. We aim to reach and empower millions of rural women and help them in their pursuits of happiness.



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