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Benefits of adding natural organic honey to your daily diet

Posted on August 20th, 2022 03:15 PM
Benefits of adding natural organic honey to your daily diet

It is time to welcome Lord Ganesh and celebrate the Ganesh Chaturthi festival. It is also time to prepare sweets and Modaks and enjoy these delicacies. And if you want to enjoy these festivals, the healthy way, we have our natural organic floral honey flavors to make your festivities more exciting.

This festival season, replace sugary sweets with organic honey recipes with our honey brand Madhudravyam.

Kasbaa’s MadhuDravyam offers a diverse range of natural floral honey, free of invert sugar, high fructose corn syrup or rice syrup; with no adulteration whatsoever.

Why should you choose Madhudravyam Honey?

Natural organic honey has some amazing benefits for your health. Most of the honey you find in grocery stores is pasteurized. The high heat kills unwanted yeast, can improve the color and texture, removes any crystallization, and extends the shelf life. However, many of the beneficial nutrients are also destroyed in the process. To standardize taste, texture and flavor, all the beneficial properties of your honey are lost with ultra-filtration and heating.

But our natural organic honey from Madhudravyam is the purest and healthiest honey free of artificial colors, flavors and any other adulteration whatsoever. Not only does our natural honey has different taste, flavors and benefits depending on the location of harvest and the nectar source, we also ensure that the benefits of our honey is not lost due to heat.  In order to bring our customers only the purest and healthiest honey, we migrate our bees to specific locations all over India. Our cruelty-free harvesting harms no honey bees or their hives.

Why should you add natural organic honey in your diets?

Natural organic honey has a number of potential health benefits and plays a role in many home remedies and alternative medicine treatments. Here are some health benefits of honey and why you should add natural organic honey to your diets.

  • Source of several vitamins and minerals, and is rich in health-promoting plant compounds.
  • Honey contains a number of antioxidants, including phenolic acids and flavonoids.
  • Organic honey has antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • Honey is sometimes used to treat digestive issues such as diarrhea. It may have potential as a treatment for Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) bacteria, though, a common cause of stomach ulcers.
  • It also contains beneficial probiotics, meaning it nourishes the good bacteria that live in the intestines, which are crucial not only for digestion but overall health.
  • Honey is an old sore throat remedy that soothes the ache and can help with coughs. Add it to hot tea with lemon when a cold virus hits.
  • The antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects of honey can benefit many parts of the body, including brain health.

How should you add honey to your diet?

  • Honey can be an excellent and healthy replacement of sugar. To get a small boost of antioxidants from honey, you can use it any way that you’d typically use sugar. It’s excellent for sweetening plain yogurt, coffee, or tea. You can also use it in cooking and baking.
  • During festivals, you can use honey to prepare healthier and sugar-free sweets and modaks and other delicacies. Not only does honey add to the taste, it is a healthier option also. (If someone is diabetic, consultation from doctors is needed for using honey).
  • As a home remedy, it can be applied directly to minor burns or wounds or given orally for coughs.

Having organic, natural, pure and healthy honey in your diet can not only provide antioxidants and nutrients but also can boost your overall health.

Choose your favorite honey flavor from our Madhudravyam brand now.




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